How do I look up my CNA License online?

You can look up your CNA License online by visiting Prometric’s website at this link

If you have trouble getting to this website please contact the school administration at 203-391-6766 ext 1

How do you register for the Prometric CT CNA Exam?

Since Northeast Medical Institute is one of only 2 testing sites in Fairfield County and one of only a few testing sites in New Haven County we have a huge advantage when it comes to testing time. Why would this be important? Well, since you need to be able to take your license test before working as a licensed CNA, you must first be able to sit for the exam in a timely fashion. At Northeast Medical Institute, we schedule out most of our testing dates 6 months out so we can have test days 3-5 days after you graduated your daytime or evening CNA class. If your school does not offer testing immediately after the class you will typically wait 1 month or longer to test. Since we test so quickly after our class graduates we have very high pass rates that reflect this proven model. Some of our PCT students who take our daytime 5 week course are tested in Phlebotomy, and PCT, and CNA before students from other schools are even able to test at a regional site. There are only a handful of regional Prometric testing sites so keep this in mind when you register for your cna course.

Can you take the CNA test online?

Yes, the certification exam has a section that can be administered online. However, it is only offered at specific locations and is proctored by Prometric. Some schools offer the exam on campus. Even in those cases, a proctor from Prometric goes to that campus to administer the exam. The CT CNA exam consists of a multiple choice section as well as a clinical skills section. The clinical skills section will be administered in an approved lab to simulate providing care in a long-term care facility. Test results are given in the same day.

Can I just take the CNA test?

No. In order to qualify for the CNA certification exam, in CT, one must successfully complete an approved 100 hour training program. Call Northeast Medical Institute now to register for the next class!

How much does a CNA Test cost?

$118 to take the online and practical portions of the exam. For an additional $10, there is an oral testing option in which the test would play an audio of the questions as the tester moves through the exam. If a tester fails one portion, either the online or the practical, only that failed part needs to be retaken. The cost for the online (multiple choice) section is $45 (add $10 for oral test) and clinical skills (practical) section is $73. At Northeast Medical Institute we offer In-Facility testing at both of our facilities.

Is the CNA Exam Hard?

The level of difficulty varies depending on the abilities of the test taker, but one must successfully pass an approved CNA program prior to testing for certification, so they should at that point have the knowledge to pass the exam. Test takers who fail are encouraged to try again, as there is no limit to the number of times one can attempt the test within two years from their graduation date.