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Fill out our online form to begin the financial assistance process. We’ll help you learn what you may qualify for and provide you options to move forward.

Fill Out Financial Assistance Form

Are you unemployed?
Are you low income?
Do you have state benefits? Including, but not limited to; state insurance, unemployment assistance, energy assistance?

You may qualify for Connecticut State Tuition Assistance in Hartford


Step 1

Potential Students must first fill out our Financial Assistance form based on where they live.

Step 2

Call Northeast Medical Institute at 203.391.6766 and speak to someone about the process in order to get financial assistance for one of our approved courses.

Step 3

Please watch this video to see what the financial assistance program you are applying for has to offer. CSIS Video Edit 2.mp4 (

Step 4

Create a CTHires account by follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the link that says “Not Registered?”
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under Option 3- Create User Account, Click on “Individual” (first option).
  3. Click on Comprehensive Registration.
  4. Create User ID (Ex: John.Smith16).
  5. Create Password (Ex: Smith2016$)
  6. Make sure you use your full social security number when creating your account. This is how we look you up when you come in.
  7. Complete the Account Information.
  8. Upon Completion of Registration it will bring you to the “My Dashboard” page.
  9. Please Complete the “My Background” tab located on your “My Dashboard” page in the “My Personal Profile” box.


Step 5

Please log in to CTHires and visit your Dashboard. Once in your Dashboard, you want to “Create WIOA Pre App” under “My Benefits Plan.”

Contact Capitol Workforce Partner at (860) 522-1111

Needed Documents:

  • Citizenship Documentation-(US Birth Certificate, US Passport-not expired)
  • Social Security Documentation-(Social Security Card, W-2 Form)
  • Address Documentation-(Drivers License-not expired, Letter showing name, address and a date no older than 2 months)
  • Date of Birth-(US Birth Certificate, Drivers License-not expired, US Passport- not expired)







Free CNA Class Hartford ,Free Phlebotomy Class Hartford