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Dec 12, 2022 Dec 23, 2022
CNA Daytime- Self Paced Online Only
Register today for $100 off this course! Labs are estimated to begin on Dec 21
Dec 12, 2022 Dec 23, 2022
Monday- Friday
5:00pm- 10:00pm
CNA Evening- Self Paced Online Only
These labs will not start for atleast 2-3 weeks after the class ends.

How does your CNA Courses compare to other in the area Hartford, CT?

Our CNA Training is a Hybrid Self Paced program which allows the student to work on the book work at home at their own speed. Since we offer the lab and clinical only onsite that requires our students to go to our Hartford campus in the day or evening.

How does PCT Classes differ from Medical Assistant in the area Hartford, CT?

First off, a PCT can work in both a hospital environment, nursing home, assisted living, and even some urgent care centers. Medical assistants will only be able to work in a doctors office or urgent care center. One completing our Patient Care Tech Courses you will also be eligible to work in a lab similar to what you see at Quest Diagnostics.

Do the Phlebotomy Classes near me offer on virtual training in the area Hartford, CT?

Our Phlebotomy class in Hartford, CT and all our other campuses only offer hybrid programs. We do not offer fully virtual training because then when you go out in the real world you will have no idea how to draw blood on a human. All of our Phlebotomy courses give you a baseline of how to draw blood and process the specimen in the real world.

Do Phlebotomy Technician Classes go over how to draw blood in the area Hartford, CT?

Yes you will learn how to draw blood on another person starting your first day of lab! I know that sounds crazy, but in order to practice this phlebotomy skill you need to practice on humans. Obviously we start with a fake arm, but once you are comfortable with that we move you on to another classmate or volunteer that you bring in.

Do you offer Free CNA Classes in the area Hartford, CT?

All of our courses have a price tag, however, that does not mean you can’t qualify for financial assistance through the states WIOA program. Contact us today to go over the process to try and qualify for free funding.

Do you require lab/clinical hours for your Certified Nurse Aide Classes in the area Hartford, CT?

Yes we do! Part of the training is to not only learn the book work but also you need to have the hands on component which will allow you to be comfortable when you go out in the real word. Our lab for our CNA course is where you will learn all 22 ADLS ( Activities of Daily Living). Then you will bring what you learned in our Certified Nurse Aide Training Assistant lab and use it in the real world during your clinical offsite.