How do I get my CNA license in CT?

You will first need to take an approved CT DPH and CT OHE CNA program that is at least 100+ hours long. You will then received a certificate of completion from the school which will allow you to test at a Prometric Regional Testing Center! Northeast Medical Institutes Self-Paced CNA Program is a great option for you to complete the course not only at your own pace but also in the comfort of your own home. There are in class lab and clinical requirements in order to get your final certificate of completion.

How is HHA different from CNA- Certified Nurse Aide?

An HHA can spend time with and get to know each client they work with individually. The responsibility of a certified nursing assistant is to support the patient’s well-being. They might be in charge of a large number of patients in a unit or on a floor at once.

When will I get my username and password for the online self paced CNA?

Our self paced CNA login instructions are typically sent out the Sunday night/Monday morning when your class begins. Please check your spam and junk mail because the email will be labeled ” Enrollment Key Information”. Any questions about the enrollment key please email us at

What Should I wear to CNA lab or Clinical?

During COVID Lab and Clinical will be onsite at our campuses due to the restrictions we have had on us. You are provided scrubs which you may wear to class but it is not required. Please no OPEN TOE Shoes.

**Update** If you are going into the Long Term Care Facility for Clinical you will be required to wear non skid shoes and your scrubs. The Scrubs will be provided to you by Northeast Medical Institute.

Prometric Regional Testing Connecticut CT- Instructions


1) Go to and type in “ct cna prometric” click on first link or you can copy and paste link

2) Click on” Candidate Resource” then “Online Application”

3) Click on “Register new User”
“If you don’t receive an email from promtric within 5 minutes you need to make a new GMAIL Email ACCOUNT. Please do not use or Hotmail or Outlook. Only Yahoo and GMAIL work well with this process

4) If you can’t figure out a password because of their strict password rules please use
“ Nemi12345!”

5) Once you receive the email it will be coming from “Prometric “ and it will have an activation link and then sign in.

Note: If you email is hooked up to your mobile device just click on the activation link in the email and then go back to the page below to sign in.

6) Bottom right click on “submit new application”

7) Click on Connecticut Registration “

8) Fill in all the information below.
Note: on Birthday you have click the little calendar to add your birthday

9) Part B- Click on Written Test and Clinical Test ($138.00)
Note: If you are a Healthcareer Academy Student PLEASE TALK TO THEM ABOUT PAYING FOR THE EXAM.

10) Click on Credit card- No money orders or Cashier checks. THEY WILL SLOW DOWN THE PROCESS.

11) Part C- Click on New Nurse Aide

12) Part D- Click on little Microscope and a new window will pop up behind your current webpage. This page you will have to type in “Northeast Medical Institute”. Click Search and then click on the code number that will be “ 99029CT” Make sure you put the Training Completion Date by click on the little calendar on the right side and adding the date which your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION HAS ON IT.

Training Instructor Name: Gerald Roberson
Instructor Title- CNA Instructor

Do not worry about anything else since it is not in asterisk in this section.

13) Part E- Click on In Regional Testing and then pick the site. DO NOT CLICK ON DERBY THEY ARE CLOSED.

14) Part G- Click I agree

15) Release Statement “ I Agree”

Go to the bottom and click “submit”

If it does not submit or it times out you may have to do the whole process

Please write down the number it gives you at the end of the application once it submits.

Check within 48 hours to see if Prometric charges you and then give them a call at 866-499-7485 Opt 9 to see the status of testing and when you would be scheduled out for.


How do I look up my CT CNA License online?

You can look up your CNA License online by visiting Prometric’s website at this link

If you have trouble getting to this website please contact the school administration at 203-391-6766 ext 1

CNA Course in Spanish? Why you should not take a CNA course in Spanish

I receive a lot of phone calls related to ” Do you offer the CNA Program in Spanish?”. I will tell you why this is the worst thing you could do for yourself to prepare for the CNA Prometric Testing. In the State of Connecticut, the testing company required by the Department of Public Health is Prometric. Prometric DOES NOT OFFER SPANISH TESTING TO CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS. When you see someone offering a Spanish Only CNA Class you should beware. Let us think about this for one minute- I am the student who goes to a Spanish CNA Course and then come test day I need to take a test in English? How does this make sense? As the student, you will be nowhere close to being prepared for a test when you take a test in English while you were preparing for the test in an entirely different language. I STRONGLY SUGGEST STAYING AWAY FROM SCHOOLS WHICH OFFER CLASSES WHERE TESTING IS NOT IN THE SAME LANGUAGE!

What is a Rolling Schedule?

At Northeast Medical Institute we offer ” Rolling Schedules”, which allows our classes to run once we have 3 students registered. At Northeast Medical Institute our classes typically are smaller and we are required to run courses with at least 3 students. If there are not 3 students registered the class will be pushed back until we have 3 students registered. Typically our Stamford CNA daytime fills up very quickly since our class is capped at 8 students. Our Stamford Phlebotomy daytime program is also capped at 8 and typically fills up as well. However, our evening courses tend to be a little smaller so we have our ” Minimum Enrollment Policy” in place to avoid classes being under 3 students. Typically it takes about anywhere from 1-3 weeks to get 3 students in the evening courses. Remember, our classes are small so that means you get more 1 on 1 with our instructors. If you have any questions in regards to our Rolling Schedule please contact s at 203-391-6766 ext 1.

What is the typical class size for our daytime and evening CNA course?

At Northeast Medical Institute we want all of our students to feel as if it was a family environment. When you come in you think- Well it is such a short class? I am not sure if I can grasp all the information that quick with so many students? However, our classes are small family size classes between 8-12 students max. We typically max it at 8 students depending on how many clinical locations we have. At other schools, we hear that you will be in class with at least 15- 20+ students. How can anyone learn like that? We like our classes to be as small as possible for more one on one time with our instructor. Our prices do reflect this, and I am positive you will come out of Northeast Medical Institute happy with the decision you made to come attend our 2 week and 2 day CNA course.

Is your 2 week and 2 day or 4 week and 2 day CNA course to challenging?

No! Not at all. This 2 weeks and 2-day course was designed for all students. We have students who are only 16 years old who get perfect scores and even college students who are currently in class in our evening 4 week and 2-day course who excel in our CNA course. Since Northeast Medical Institute utilizes online software which allows our students to look ahead of schedule it makes it easier for the student to grasp the information. To put it in easier perspective, if you repeat something that is new to you over and over and over during a short period you tend to remember it easier. Now since you test so quickly after you finish our course you remember exactly what the teacher taught on the first day of class. However, courses that are 5-8 weeks long you tend to forget what happened the first couple of weeks. The homework we have is not hard, our quizzes and tests prepare you for the Prometric exam. Don’t wait to long to compare us vs our competition because we will be full by the time you decide. Did I mention our class sizes are only 8-12 students? At most schools, they are well over that so you will have much more one on one experience with our instructor.

How do you register for the Prometric CT CNA Exam?

Since Northeast Medical Institute is one of only 2 testing sites in Fairfield County and one of only a few testing sites in New Haven County we have a huge advantage when it comes to testing time. Why would this be important? Well, since you need to be able to take your license test before working as a licensed CNA, you must first be able to sit for the exam in a timely fashion. At Northeast Medical Institute, we schedule out most of our testing dates 6 months out so we can have test days 3-5 days after you graduated your daytime or evening CNA class. If your school does not offer testing immediately after the class you will typically wait 1 month or longer to test. Since we test so quickly after our class graduates we have very high pass rates that reflect this proven model. Some of our PCT students who take our daytime 5 week course are tested in Phlebotomy, and PCT, and CNA before students from other schools are even able to test at a regional site. There are only a handful of regional Prometric testing sites so keep this in mind when you register for your cna course.

Why would you want to become a PCT over just becoming a Phlebotomist or CNA?

Choosing what level you want to work at or achieve is a personal preference. Many people truly enjoy working with the elderly and though they have earned the PCT certification, they use it solely to work as a CNA. Having the additional certification does make them a more competitive applicant and it is education that can’t be taken away, so if they ever choose to work in a different capacity they have the qualifications. Some people don’t like needles, so working as a Phlebotomist isn’t for them. Why someone would do something will vary from one person to the next. Visit a school, see what the programs are like and which feels the best for you. Think about where you’d like to work and the type of patients you’d like to help.

What does CNA stand for and are there other abbreviations for the job title?

CNA stands for Certified Nurse Aide. It is also sometimes referred to as a Certified Nursing Assistant or simply a Nurse Aide. The abbreviation would stay the same, as an NA refers to a Nurse Anesthetist. There is an abbreviation, HHA, which stands for Home Health Aide. Completion of a CNA program (without state exam) is sufficient education to work as an HHA. This means a CNA program graduate can work as an HHA until they pass the CT state certification to be a Certified Nurse Aide.

Can a CNA prescribe medication?

No. A CNA can’t prescribe medications. A Nurse Practitioner (APRN) is able to prescribe.

Who gets paid more CNA or PCT?

Salary is something that can vary with each employee or employer, but typically a Patient Care Technician would receive higher pay than a Certified Nurse Aide. has more training and can perform venipuncture procedures as well as electrocardiograms (EKGs). Click here to read more about PCT- ( )

Can a CNA start an IV?

No. Starting an IV is a sterile procedure. CNAs in CT are not trained to perform any sterile procedures.

Can you take the CNA test online?

Yes, the certification exam has a section that can be administered online. However, it is only offered at specific locations and is proctored by Prometric. Some schools offer the exam on campus. Even in those cases, a proctor from Prometric goes to that campus to administer the exam. The CT CNA exam consists of a multiple choice section as well as a clinical skills section. The clinical skills section will be administered in an approved lab to simulate providing care in a long-term care facility. Test results are given in the same day.

Can you be a CNA without being certified?

No. CNA stands for Certified Nurse Aide. Even when one refers to a nurse aide, it is understood that they are certified. Certification can be obtained in less than 3 weeks. So, anyone looking to become a CNA should call Northeast Medical Institute today!

Is a nurse aide a CNA?

Yes, the term CNA and nurse aide and nursing assistant are all referring to the same position. Certified Nurse Aide is the term used by the CT Department of Public Health. The title can vary by employer, but the certification is standard and a necessity to perform the duties required in that role.

Can I just take the CNA test?

No. In order to qualify for the CNA certification exam, in CT, one must successfully complete an approved 100 hour training program. Call Northeast Medical Institute now to register for the next class!

Can a felon become a CNA?

Yes, a felon can become a CNA. However, it will can be difficult to find employment . in some cases. Some employers will not even consider the applicant, but maybe a family member who has had an opportunity to know the person outside of work would if they had a need.

Can a CNA work privately?

Yes. It’s not uncommon for Certified Nursing Assistants to work private cases and most of those are very high paying jobs. Often, word of mouth leads to a family member or friend in need asking for their services. This is also an opportunity for the CNA to negotiate salary. Private cases often pay CNAs higher rates than long-term care facilities.

What is the difference between a CNA and a Medical Assistant?

There are many differences between a CNA and a Medical Assistant. There are differences in the training they receive and the work they perform. A CNA can be trained and certified within 3 weeks, with a minimum of 100 hours required. Most Medical Assistant programs are up to one year long. To qualify for the AMT exam, there is a minimum of 880 invested hours. The coursework covered in CNA is focused toward geratric care in a long-term care facility. Medical Assistant training is focused toward acute care and goes beyond direct patient care to cover administrative duties, as well.

Do CNAs get paid more in the hospital setting?

The pay for a Certified Nurse Aide working in a hospital can be higher than the compensation for those working in another type of facility, but this is not a guarantee. Job compensation for a CNA can vary from one facility to the next, also factors such as experience can help an Aide get paid more. The 2018 national median for a Certified Nurse Aide is $15.00 per hour. According to, the average CNA in CT is $17.00-22.00 per hour.

What CNA job has the most flexibility?

Schedule flexibility really varies with each job. A homecare case could be 24 hours per day for a completely dependent person or 4 hours per day for someone who needs minimal assistance. The flexibility also depends on how well an employer is staffed for that position. The more staff, typically, the more coverage when a CNA needs time off or a shift change.

What CNA jobs pay the most?

Compensation for CNA jobs varies and depends on many factors. However, there are private cases that can pay significantly more than the average Nurse Assistant position. If a CNA has many years experience or speaks another language there is potential to negotiate for a higher salary.

How much do hospitals pay CNA’s?

Salary for a Certified Nurse Aide is at a national median of $15.00. It really depends on the employer and the CNA as to how much compensation each worker will receive exactly. Hospital pay varies, from one employer to the next. We would say Hospital and Private Pay jobs are the highest-paid positions. We have seen some very high paying private duty jobs especially in Fairfield County, CT

Is CNA in high demand?

Nurse Aides are in such high demand that many students have job offers before they complete their CNA program. According to the US Deptartment of Labor, the job growth from 2018- 2028 is 14%, which is 9% greater than the average job. At Northeast Medical Institute we have companies come into the school near the end of CNA course to go over open positions they currently have in their facilities.

Is being CNA a hard job?

The level of difficulty working as a Nursing Assistant can vary based on the type of facility and the needs of each patient. In addition, the workload can be a factor; adequate staffing is crucial to balance the demand on the CNAs and allow for quality patient care. There are many different employment options available to CNAs. Being a CNA, no matter the workplace, can be very rewarding.

What is the fastest way to become a CNA?

The fastest way to become a CNA is to complete an accelerated program which offers testing on site. Northeast Medical Institute offers an accelerated program to become a Certified Nurse Assistant and is an onsite testing facility. Students can register for the program and become certified in as little as two and a half weeks.

How much does a CNA Test cost?

$138 to take the online and practical portions of the exam. For an additional $10, there is an oral testing option in which the test would play an audio of the questions as the tester moves through the exam. If a tester fails one portion, either the online or the practical, only that failed part needs to be retaken. The cost for the online (multiple choice) section is $45 (add $10 for oral test) and clinical skills (practical) section is $73. At Northeast Medical Institute we offer In-Facility testing at both of our facilities.

Can I become a CNA online?

Online nursing programs are becoming more available. As this trend increases there may be more options to become a CNA. Because the role of a CNA is very hands-on with patient care, students are encouraged to find a hybrid program with adequate direct patient hours to gain the needed experience for working in the field.

Is the CNA Exam Hard?

The level of difficulty varies depending on the abilities of the test taker, but one must successfully pass an approved CNA program prior to testing for certification, so they should at that point have the knowledge to pass the exam. Test takers who fail are encouraged to try again, as there is no limit to the number of times one can attempt the test within two years from their graduation date.

How do I become a CNA in CT?

To become a CNA in CT you must successfully complete an approved 100 hour CNA program and pass both sections of the Certified Nurse Aide Certification Exam offered by Prometric. The certification exam includes a multiple-choice section and a practical section, a CNA graduate must pass both sections within 2 years from their program graduation date to become CT state-certified.

How long does it take to become a CNA in CT?

Every CNA program in CT must be a minimum of 100 hours in length. Some programs are longer. The 100 hours can be done on a full-time basis or spread out of several months. Attendance is critical to successfully completing a CNA program, so consider the class schedule before you enroll. There are many schedule options available at Northeast Medical Institute. Our program is 2 weeks and 2 days long and we offer classes in both in New Haven and Stamford.