Posted 5/15/2020

Just to give a quick update about our CNA, Phlebotomy and PCT courses.


I have been given an update that the Commissioner of the CT Dept. Public health has a waiver on her desk which will be signed. This waiver will directly impact the clinical requirements and we should see some movement on graduating students who have completed their lab and online portion once they come back in for their remaining clinical hours. We will send out a mass email immediately when we hear back from the CT DPH on when this waiver is signed.


We are still running online Phlebotomy and PCT courses, however, they are all online. The schedule is still the same;

Daytime Phlebotomy Online; Monday- Friday 8-4:30pm ( 8 days total) + 4 half days of lab

Evening Phlebotomy Online; Monday-Friday 5-10pm ( 16 days total) + 7-8 days of lab

EKG( PCT) Only offered during daytime: Contact us for this schedule.

Thank you to all the students who have been understanding during this uncertain time. Things change daily due to Covid-19 and we are trying to make the best accommodations we could to help graduate our students who worked so hard during their programs. 


Posted: 4/21/2020

Here are a few updates for the following classes;

CNA, Phlebotomy and PCT


The CNA Self-Paced students will now be allowed to be scheduled out for skill/lab days. These days will be during the day or evening depending on the class you registered for. They will last for 4 days in the daytime and 6 evenings. If you have any questions in regard to the skills/lab days please let me know. As for the clinical portion of the class, we are advocating on our student’s behalf to get a waiver or some type of resolution to graduate our hard-working students. We will keep you up to date here on any more information we acquire.

Phlebotomy & PCT

NHA is now allowing students who have finished the theory portion of Phlebotomy and take their testing without completing their sticks. The students will, however, need to complete all their sticks in order to receive their certification from NHA within 90 days from your test day. This will be the same for EKG, however, in terms of the live ekgs you would have to complete those in 90 days from your test day.


Posted: 3/30/2020

Due to the COVID-19 and the restrictions we have from Gov. Lamont and the CDC we are taking every precaution possible to keep our students and staff safe and clear from the virus. Recently the Connecticut Office of Higher Education and the CT Department of Public health allowed us to prepare two types of virtual courses that we can offer our students. These courses will be posted on our ” Course Calander” with their type of course.

We are able to offer ” Live Lecture” and ” Self-Paced” Certified Nurse Aide courses. We are also able to offer “Live Lecture” Phlebotomy, and EKG courses. Both options as of right now still require you to finish up clinical skills and testing once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.         (This could change and we will keep you up to date with the new requirements that come out) There are two main differences between the “Live Lecture” and the “Self-Paced” courses. Both courses require some type of computer, iPad, tablet, or phone. If you do not have any of these you would need to get in contact with Northeast Medical Institute to rent a laptop.

The Live Lecture requires you to download Zoom Video Conferencing. In order to download this, you would head to this website You can download this video conference for free on; any type of computer, Ipad, iPhone, Android phone, etc. (If you are having trouble downloading this, please contact Dan at 203-391-6766 ext 1) The live lecture will require you to sit in a live lecture just as if you were in class during the required hours. The required hours are listed below;

Live Lecture Schedule:

Daytime CNA (8 am-4 pm) Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 6 days total.

Evening CNA (5 pm-10 pm) Monday through Friday for 12 days total.

Daytime Phlebotomy (8 am- 4:30 pm) Monday through Friday for 8 days total.

Evening Phlebotomy (5 pm-9:30 pm) Monday through Friday for 16 days total.

EKG Daytime (8 am- 4:30 pm) 3 days total

The “Self-Paced” Certified Nurse aide course runs a little different. Our self-paced course was built to help students completely finish the online theory in 42.5 hours. Since it is self-paced you do not have to report to class during a specific time. Instead, you will be required to watch videos, read content, and then answer questions. The self-paced is more or less an enjoyable movie that teaches the theory of becoming a CNA. The best part about the self-paced is that you have 2 weeks to finish it and there is no specific timeframe for the class that you have to report to. Instead, you can split up the time any way you want to finish up the course. We will have a new self-paced start every two weeks! To access the self-paced course you can use any type of computer, iPad, cellphone, etc with internet.

Self-Paced Schedule: 

Self- Paced ( Anytime) Required to be finished in 2 weeks


Since regulations are rapidly changing we will keep updating you here with more information. Keep in mind if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Northeast Medical Institute at 203-391-6766 ext 1. If we do not answer please make sure you leave a message so we know why you are calling and we will call you back in 24 hours.