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“This training is exactly what I needed to conduct my master’s thesis. After losing my CPT to acceptance into medical school (excellent reason!), I had to find another CPT who would travel to 4 locations on the Appalachian Trail while following a cohort of 10 thru-hikers. The CPT may have to hike in to a remote location to draw blood, perform all the duties of drawing and post-draw care until we can drop off samples at a nearby lab. Additionally, the CPT could not expect to be compensated for their efforts!
By taking a two-week CPT course during winter break, I was able to control those negative extraneous planning variables, by getting certified, with two forms of proof for the IRB. On top of that, my Thesis Advisor and Human Performance Lab Coordinator hired me to draw blood on future university-sponsored studies. Another two lines on my CV!!”

Source: https://goo.gl/maps/2bD6SWzkqKQxgZv97