I receive a lot of phone calls related to ” Do you offer the CNA Program in Spanish?”. I will tell you why this is the worst thing you could do for yourself to prepare for the CNA Prometric Testing. In the State of Connecticut, the testing company required by the Department of Public Health is Prometric. Prometric DOES NOT OFFER SPANISH TESTING TO CONNECTICUT RESIDENTS. When you see someone offering a Spanish Only CNA Class you should beware. Let us think about this for one minute- I am the student who goes to a Spanish CNA Course and then come test day I need to take a test in English? How does this make sense? As the student, you will be nowhere close to being prepared for a test when you take a test in English while you were preparing for the test in an entirely different language. I STRONGLY SUGGEST STAYING AWAY FROM SCHOOLS WHICH OFFER CLASSES WHERE TESTING IS NOT IN THE SAME LANGUAGE!