No! Not at all. This 2 weeks and 2-day course was designed for all students. We have students who are only 16 years old who get perfect scores and even college students who are currently in class in our evening 4 week and 2-day course who excel in our CNA course. Since Northeast Medical Institute utilizes online software which allows our students to look ahead of schedule it makes it easier for the student to grasp the information. To put it in easier perspective, if you repeat something that is new to you over and over and over during a short period you tend to remember it easier. Now since you test so quickly after you finish our course you remember exactly what the teacher taught on the first day of class. However, courses that are 5-8 weeks long you tend to forget what happened the first couple of weeks. The homework we have is not hard, our quizzes and tests prepare you for the Prometric exam. Don’t wait to long to compare us vs our competition because we will be full by the time you decide. Did I mention our class sizes are only 8-12 students? At most schools, they are well over that so you will have much more one on one experience with our instructor.